Tuesday, May 15, 2012

some crushes are personal

pillow crush

this is a confession - i think i could indeed have enough pillows to throw a massive pillow party!  but the reality is ... pillows make me happy - they make for big changes in a home with little cost.  they make me smile when i walk into a room and feel their love.  they make my couch say, "come on, lay down, rest up a bit AND look cute doing so"!   okay, maybe that's over the top ... but, you get my drift!  i fell in love with these pillows for checkered moon and i know you will too!  the pricing is FABULOUS, their styles are ENDLESS, and the 100% linen and down ... well, you just need to check them out and start your own crush!
trust me ... it will happen ... pillows have a way of getting to us!

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