Tuesday, June 12, 2012

color me ... yellow

so, got in from florida last nite and my hubby and i had an amazing welcome home gift in our backyard!   we found not three, not six, but eight little ducklings (and a ticked off mama) in our pool ... needless to say the pool wasn't big enough for that mama's attitude!  who-whee!  so, with the help of our neighbors - the lil' quackers have "relocated" (safely) to a real pond (not my cement one)!
in honor of the little chicks, it's all about the yellow!

all shades and hues ... we love ourselves some yellow at checkered moon!


  1. LOVE the yellow! I am gearing up to remodel my bedroom in grey and white- with a big ole pop of YELLOW!

  2. woo hoo ... you're letting color creep into your life and who doesn't love a big ole pop of yellow! must take pics!