Thursday, June 14, 2012

fifty shades of ...

okay ... it's time to pay homage to all things gray ... whether it's the naughty miss steele and her hunky mr. grey (blush blush) ... or super comfy grey cottons and sweet knitted dollies ... grey is called the color of compromise, probably cuz it sits between the extremes of black and white.  i kinda like that ... the compromising color - the perfect neutral!   so here's to grey - the color that also represents wisdom, knowledge and intellect ... who knew?

okay, so maybe it's not 50 shades!  but, it's all good, it's all grey,
and it's all at checkered moon!

trailer for the hbo movie

thinking of all this grey brought me back to the documentary on grey gardens.  i was fortunate enough to see it on broadway with a group of girlfriends.  it's a sweet and sad story of the eccentric, and reclusive beales family and little edie - oh, how i was (and still am) fascinated by her wearing of clothes.  i loved how she still maintained her fashion sense thru out her illness - wearing her trademark scarves and sweaters on her head.  she reinvented clothing and made it versatile - i like that!

so tonite, when david comes home,  and sees me with a sweater tied back on my head ... i'll explain that it's a "statement piece"!   oh, and what about that beautiful grey clapboard home ... ahhhh ... the beauty of it in the early days ... now THAT'S a home i'll write about soon.   but for now, i'm off to find the perfect thin sweater ... ta ta!


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  2. (can you tell I don't know what I'm doing?)
    LOVE these necklaces!..and love your blogs. Am now so anxious to see the GREY GARDENS movie .. and to read all about the house in its day of glory. Hoping to see a photo of tonite's sweater-head ~ xoxo