Thursday, June 7, 2012

now you can ...

get the look

1.  velvet t - show a little shoulder   2.  the perfect statement necklace from david aubrey
3.  pink gourd lamp - ah-may-zing  4. bla bla mermaid - okay, what's not to love?   5.  the summer-soaked striped rug from dash & albert     6. an indoor/outdoor bar cart in the perfect orange

i'm sitting here in florida and even though the clouds have been gray ... there are still beautiful colors all around me.  color is funny, it has a way of showing itself ... whether in the hibiscus, the cocktails, the fruit or the beautiful waters ... it finds a way to enter our world and make us smile.
so here's a beautiful way to bring color into your world ...
and best thing of all, it's all available at checkered moon!

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