Friday, July 27, 2012

it's mayzee's dog days of summer at checkered moon ...


yup ... as usual, it's up to ME to get this shop open!
work, work, work ... 

time to warm up the desk - did ya notice my blankee - it's Little Giraffe!!
(circa three years ago - in human years ... and it's still in one piece)
oh, and by the way, where is paula?  kerry?  why is it always up to me?!

i know those caramels were due in today ...  where is that big brown truck?
back to watching the front area cuz SOMEBODY has to (ya hear that kerry and paula?)

will that be cash or credit? oh, yea, we DO accept table scraps!
(just don't tell whitney or kathryn)!

um, amy??   really?  do i have to work BOTH sides?
and by the way mam - i'll go ahead give you a quote on that fabulous dog wallpaper
behind me since amy's out getting free samples at TCBY ... AGAIN! 

personally, i'd go with the nubby twill on your new sofa - but, that's just me!

okay, yea, yea, yea ... just keep talking ... zzzzzzz  ... i'm out!

stick a fork in me!

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