Tuesday, December 11, 2012

yea, we put 'em to work ... your point is?

we at checkered moon try to be an equal opportunity employer ...
okay, so they're three ...
and that's wrong cuz why?

so, the deal is ... if we make a sale we get free gum and lollipops??
BAM ... we're on it!

 i'm thinking you can take on the tall blonde and i'll easily steal the little brunettes job ...
then we'll be SWIMMING in lollies!

yea, that's a good solid number ... maybe i'll just add one more zero?!

 yea, okay ... let's add this up ...
so, two chairs, a sparkly chandelier, a squishy aardvark dolly,
AND some fake mustaches.
will that be all?

they fell for it ... score ... okay, we've sooooo got this sellin' thing down.

 but you said gum and lollies ... NOT PRETZELS ... what's with that?

fine then ... 
i hear that amy sills lady has some phobia about not liking to vacuum?

but, what's not to like?
i don't get it ... you just push and walk and talk ... duh!

1:00 pm
thanks for calling checkered moon ...

2:30 pm
 oh, hey penelope ... what's up ... yea, yea ... tell me bout it ...
i know, right?

3:15 pm
 yea ... i hear ya gurlfriend ... I have to do EVERYTHING here too!

oh hi ... you ready for your design consult?

my thought was ... we take this doggie fabric and mix it with this floral ...

you got a problem with that?

but,  i really liked the doggie fabric.
how was i to know you're a cat family?

THAT'S IT ... 
I NEED ...

 MORE ...


ummmm, erin ... check out what's in the fridge!

aww kerry, you think you can hide the wine BEHIND the yogurt and we won't find out?

that's weird ... look!
these wine bottles are called funny names ...
kerry, paula, amy, whitney, carissa, katie!

ahhhhh ..... we get it ... it's like how mommy marks hers!

hey brin ... get back here ... that big brown truck just showed up!

okay, i'm calling them back ... i asked for the pink dolly!

isn't that one of those dollies that mommy throws around?

no, no, no ... i said double cheese with pepperoni AND peanut butter!  

wait, wait, wait ...
are you calling ME crazypants?

believe it or not ... it's a great way to measure your head ... really!

 i'm thinking this works!
the yellow, stripey, flowerey shirt WITH leopard = trendsetting!

are you all absorbing what "fashionista brin" is sharing here?
she put together these looks!
these "pearls" of advice ...


WAIT ... hold the phone ...  does this cape make my butt look big?

ummm ... well, now that you mention it ...

i got it ... let's call this our gangnam-style look!

but, i really wish you would've reconsidered and wore our twinsie silvery sparkely shoes?

 guess we're off ... another day, another lollie!

ta ta ladies!

remember to lock up and turn out the lights!

yea, they'll definitely need us tomorrow.
i don't know HOW they've managed to keep this joint
up and running without us!

the end ... or is it?

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