Sunday, June 2, 2013

OKAY ... i'm a slacker ...

yes ... i know i've been remiss in posting these days!  my only excuse is life ... life took over!  between my son's graduation, a few fun design jobs, the shop, and family visiting, i needed some time to disengage.   this life/work balance thing is a tough one to manage.  knowing when to re-connect and knowing when to let go = not my greatest trait.  so, with that said, i'm thinking of what i said for my new year's list and i'm off to conquer one or two things on that list before this year's sun sets!

it's time for reflection, time for decisions, time to find balance, time to figure out what's next and time to get centered.  time to take a gut-checking look at a few things i need to focus on ... so, please forgive my random postings and bear with me as this thing called life causes me to pop outside and look up.


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  2. Then Saturday, I helped out at my parents' store (they own a sporting goods/outdoors store) to do some screen printing on shirts. slackline chile