Saturday, February 1, 2014

checkered moon - southern style

yup ... after many, many, many ... and i mean .... many hours of sleepless nights ... sweat and tears ... joy and pain ... i am proud and happy to announce our "sister" store in mount dora, florida!

okay ... so, lemme back up ...  one day while traipsing around our little get away spot in mount dora, i stumbled upon a sweet shop relocating and leaving this adorable little teeny building in need of a tenant (and some tlc and oh, maybe just a splash of checkered moon)!   i kept circling the block ... again and again  (maybe it was still the smell of leftover cupcakes)  but, i couldn't stop thinking about it!  wheels were turning ... i thought that maybe our illinois store needed a little "sister" - a southern companion, so to speak!

a few more walks around the block, a few more again with my better half and my son, a call to my sister, a chat with the gals at the shop ... and voila ... decision made!  time to put on the big girl pants and go for it!  a whole lotta up and down the ladder moments - so to speak (more on the before and after later) ... and checkered moon "south" was born!

so, for now ... enjoy a few shots of what's to come ... who we are ... what we love ... 

setting the front desk
a gallery wall going up
beach tones ... sigh
placing the knicks and the knacks
pops ... of ... color
simply stated ... hello beauty full
setting the pops
blue and yellow ... yes, please!
nuff said ... time to open our doors and enjoy a beverage or two!

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