Monday, September 1, 2014

yea, it's been awhile ... and why we don't have an online shopping website ...

what's that?   oh yea, i haven't blogged in forever!  trust me ... i know!   i've spent sleepless nights thinking about it ... no excuses ... well, one or two excuses - i've been knee deep in the shop and a few personal things have taken my priorities ... (more on that later)!  so, for now ... i leave you with this picture of a donkey ... YES ... a donkey picture that i LEGALLY own.  this jackass comes with a whole ass-backward story dealing with my original website.  here's a brief insight of how i LEGALLY purchased this donkey photo.

a long, long, time ago ... when i was much more naive to the ways of the interweb ... i tried to put together a shopping website.  the web company i was using asked for examples of pictures that would fly by in the background of my site (they literally would show themselves for a split second) - they were just to be used for ideas for them to get my "vibe" of what i wanted the website to feel like ... well, guess what ... that jackass made it onto the actual site (for a split second)!   yea, you get where this is going ...

so, flash forward to a few months later.  i'm at the shop when the mail comes and low and behold it's a lawsuit from an attorney with chronicle books saying that i owe them $5,000 for the use of the donkey photo on my site.  i was shocked ... i didn't even remember it was on my site and figured the company doing the site would ask me about these photos being copyright protected ... (yes, dumb i know ... but, it did NOT occur to me at the time to "purchase them"). 

after many a phone call to said attorney and me taking my shopping site down - i told him how i was just a small shop and blah, blah, blah ... well, we settled on $1,500 for said donkey.  oh, and a squirrel too ... (but, the donkey - aka jackass -  is cuter and much more appropriate for this story) ... think attorney!  side note ... i even told the "donkey attorney" that i sell the book that has that exact donkey image in MY SHOP!  and better yet ... i sell his brand of chronicle books as well ... and I'M THEIR CUSTOMER. so yea, you can see how well that went - i am now a proud mama to a mr. donkey and mrs. squirrel.

so, on this labor day i give you my donkey story - i figure i should get some use outta him - the jackass!

photo courtesy of CHECKERED MOON

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