Wednesday, January 14, 2015

speaking of cocktails ...

there are cocktails and there are "cocktails" ... 

it seems to me that more and more women i know are drinking cocktails that aren't the fun-kind ... the pick-you-up-kind ... they're the life-saving-kind (fingers crossed) ... they're the make-you-lose-your-hair-kind, and the give-you-chemo-brain-kind.  they're the kind that make you go weak in the knees with fear ... they're the kind that build courage, strength, and admiration from all of us who are on the sidelines cheering the next toast ...  the next shot ... the next cure ..

having a woman's shop allows me the opportunity to meet these women who have drank these cocktails ... allows me to stand in awe of their courage and allows me to call them my friend ... i sit here tonite thinking of another "drinker" who donned our shop door many moons ago and allowed me the opportunity to have her in my life and become my friend ... may the cocktail she chooses to drink provide her the strength to battle this in her way ... in her style!

cheers to you sue ... you have my heart, my prayers and my love ... 

happy birthday and wish we could do it again like
last year's celebration ... love you!

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