Wednesday, January 14, 2015

speaking of cocktails ...

there are cocktails and there are "cocktails" ... 

it seems to me that more and more women i know are drinking cocktails that aren't the fun-kind ... the pick-you-up-kind ... they're the life-saving-kind (fingers crossed) ... they're the make-you-lose-your-hair-kind, and the give-you-chemo-brain-kind.  they're the kind that make you go weak in the knees with fear ... they're the kind that build courage, strength, and admiration from all of us who are on the sidelines cheering the next toast ...  the next shot ... the next cure ..

having a woman's shop allows me the opportunity to meet these women who have drank these cocktails ... allows me to stand in awe of their courage and allows me to call them my friend ... i sit here tonite thinking of another "drinker" who donned our shop door many moons ago and allowed me the opportunity to have her in my life and become my friend ... may the cocktail she chooses to drink provide her the strength to battle this in her way ... in her style!

cheers to you sue ... you have my heart, my prayers and my love ... 

happy birthday and wish we could do it again like
last year's celebration ... love you!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

she had a cocktail in her hand ... and confetti in her hair ...

with noisemakers in hand and party hats askew,
we help you count down the steps to this year's end!

step one ... always carry backup confetti!

step two ... yes, the shoes really do make the outfit!

step three ... glittery shoes + confetti = even better!

step four ... pop the cork and fill the glasses!

step five ...  watch as midnight erupts in a frenzy of
kisses & songs, horns blowing & toasts,
and most of all ... love & hope!


checkered moon

Thursday, November 13, 2014

it's almost time for our holiday open house ...

time to grab the gal pals and head over to ...

checkered moon's annual open house
SUNDAY THE 16TH - 4 to 7 PM
20% off - all sales final

sale does not include special orders or gift cards

Monday, September 1, 2014

yea, it's been awhile ... and why we don't have an online shopping website ...

what's that?   oh yea, i haven't blogged in forever!  trust me ... i know!   i've spent sleepless nights thinking about it ... no excuses ... well, one or two excuses - i've been knee deep in the shop and a few personal things have taken my priorities ... (more on that later)!  so, for now ... i leave you with this picture of a donkey ... YES ... a donkey picture that i LEGALLY own.  this jackass comes with a whole ass-backward story dealing with my original website.  here's a brief insight of how i LEGALLY purchased this donkey photo.

a long, long, time ago ... when i was much more naive to the ways of the interweb ... i tried to put together a shopping website.  the web company i was using asked for examples of pictures that would fly by in the background of my site (they literally would show themselves for a split second) - they were just to be used for ideas for them to get my "vibe" of what i wanted the website to feel like ... well, guess what ... that jackass made it onto the actual site (for a split second)!   yea, you get where this is going ...

so, flash forward to a few months later.  i'm at the shop when the mail comes and low and behold it's a lawsuit from an attorney with chronicle books saying that i owe them $5,000 for the use of the donkey photo on my site.  i was shocked ... i didn't even remember it was on my site and figured the company doing the site would ask me about these photos being copyright protected ... (yes, dumb i know ... but, it did NOT occur to me at the time to "purchase them"). 

after many a phone call to said attorney and me taking my shopping site down - i told him how i was just a small shop and blah, blah, blah ... well, we settled on $1,500 for said donkey.  oh, and a squirrel too ... (but, the donkey - aka jackass -  is cuter and much more appropriate for this story) ... think attorney!  side note ... i even told the "donkey attorney" that i sell the book that has that exact donkey image in MY SHOP!  and better yet ... i sell his brand of chronicle books as well ... and I'M THEIR CUSTOMER. so yea, you can see how well that went - i am now a proud mama to a mr. donkey and mrs. squirrel.

so, on this labor day i give you my donkey story - i figure i should get some use outta him - the jackass!

photo courtesy of CHECKERED MOON

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

you say punch ...

we say how hard ...

dana gibson - fabrics and wallcovering
bright, bold and beautiful ...
just the way we like it!

all available thru checkered moon design - let us help you find your beautiful!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

it's all about the "muse" and "blues" ...

new muse candles just in @ checkered moon ... you're sure to swoon!

volcano candles are always a staple at checkered moon ...

slipper chairs from lee industries - let us pipe them in a contrast welt ...
 yes, please!

the always-go-to-candle!

stack 'em up ...

for those of us with a tropical palette ... aloha orchid ... mmmhhh!

all muse and volcano candles available thru checkered moon ...
other inspirational images via pinterest

Friday, May 2, 2014

time to escape to your tropical paradise ...

kai fragrance products that were (and are) available
in our mount dora shop are
so ... pop in and get your tropical on!