Design Services

Summer 2020

we love design that is approachable – design that is bright, clean and collected – we love to mix and match styles as well as blend high and low price points. we design with the owner in mind – from the smallest projects to the largest, our team will work with you to create an environment that truly is reflective of your life and what you love.

whether you’re looking for advice on furniture layout in a room – you become paralyzed at the thought of picking out a paint color – need help picking out furniture or art selections in your home – or need a second set of eyes to help you make decisions with your home – our team is here to help! our hourly design consultations are the perfect way to help you with any design dilemmas you may be faced with. we will happily come to your space and talk through the areas you need advice with or work with you in our design studio. we will then follow up with ideas to help solve your problem(s). our hourly rate is $75/hour.

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