PlanToys Hairdresser Set


Looks like someone needs a haircut!

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Let your child’s creative juices loose with PlanToys Hairdresser Set! Give your little aspiring makeup artist all the tools (and none of the mess!) they need to develop their art. Each set includes a mirror, a brush, 5 pieces of cosmetic, and a waist bag. Kids will enjoy putting makeup on themselves, family members, friends, or their dolls. Suitable for children 3 years and up.


PlanToys daily mindset was built on and remains today: a focus of sustainability and child development as their top priority. Their path as a green company has been defined in “Sustainable Way” which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainable Mind.

They apply innovation to their materials and manufacturing to make them more eco-friendly and green to the environment. Along with child development, PlanToys cultivates children around the world through toys that animate children’s imagination while enhancing all ranges of development. The skills and the dedication of the PlanToys team are embed in every single toy to make sure that the development of children are enhanced in every minute of playing and the environment is protected for future generations.